Personal protective equipment (PPE) Importance


Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Protective Equipment includes physical, electrical, heat, chemicals, biohazards, and airborne particulate matter. This Protective Gear might be worn for various purposes like medical and security. PPE is needed when there are hazards present and nowadays Due to Covid-19 PPE are in High demand. So, many companies are manufacturing this PPE suit with different features and designs to full fill the demand and need in this biohazard.

Disposable coveralls are Quick to wear and easy to use and provide the protection for workers and visitors to your facility. Wearing these disposable overalls are excellent choices to get protection against this Covid-19

Personal protective equipment (PPE) kit Includes

Cover All

Coverall with laminate technology provides an outstanding wall against a wide range of impacts like bacteria or viruses. Non-Woven Coverall Suit with Hood are designed for respirator use and freedom of movement. Non-Woven Disposable Coverall with 90 to 95 GSM fabric used is best and known for its high durability and comfort-ability.


Respiratory viruses that includes Coronaviruses target mainly the upper and lower respiratory zones.

There are two types of mask one is Triple layer medical mask and second is N-95 Respirator mask.

  1. A triple layer medical mask is a disposable mask, fluid- resistant, provides protection from droplets of communicable substantial released during coughing/sneezing/talking.
  • A N-95 respirator mask is a respiratory protective device with high filtration efficiency to airborne particles. This mask has high fluid resistance, good breathability (preferably with an expiratory valve

Face shield

help to protect Infection of the eyes, nose and mouth is likely in a scenario of droplets generated by cough, sneeze of an infected person. Mistakably touching the eyes/nose/mouth with a contaminated hand is another likely scenario


At the point when an individual touch any surface defiled by COVID-19 contaminated individual, and afterward contacts his own eyes, nose, or mouth, he may get presented to the infection. To avoid this type of transmission good quality gloves are must in this kit.

Shoe cover

Shoe covers Shoe covers are made up of resistant fabric to be used overshoes to enable personal protection and cleansing.

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