Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Mankind

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As the world is facing coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).This is a tough time for the population as well as for the economy. It started spreading from china (Wuhan) and now worldwide. It affected over 4.3 million people and are confirmed at least 205 countries and territories are affected. This virus is a modified version of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). SARS and COVID-19 both are caused by a coronavirus. COVID-19 spreads when an infected person produces droplets through coughing and sneezing. This virus spreads in two ways- direct contact with an infected person or when the infected person sneezes or coughs the droplets survive on the surface of the hand, cloth, belongings, and when a normal person comes in contact of hands, the virus lands on the other surface. Respiratory viruses are fearful because they spread easily through droplets and infect a large number of populations. Mortality rate according to WHO is 0.2-15% and may vary according to age and health complications. Children under the age of 10 and individuals above the age of 60 are more prone to this virus. Individuals who have high blood pressure, Diabetes, Smoking are also more prone to the pandemic. The common symptom of COVID-19 is a dry cough, fever, and tiredness, chest pain or pressure. The effect of coronavirus to our nation is very fearful. There is no vaccine or a particular medicine that can cure coronavirus the only precaution to be taken is isolation.

Chinese authorities were more focused on covering the pandemic rather than creating awareness among the world about the virus.

The seafood market in Wuhan, China is the main epicenter of the virus but as the world is now well informed about the fact that China is more concerned about the ‘economic impact’ rather than the mortality rate. Chinese authorities hide this virus impact on china for a few weeks. China accepted on 31st Dec 2019 that the corona has originated from the seafood market of Wuhan China. China made many horrible mistakes that now the coronavirus became a pandemic. If the American government and the world would aware of this virus there would be less harmful to the population. In America 1.45 million cases were confirmed, 253k were recovered and the mortality rate was 88399 and still increasing. At the beginning of coronavirus, the Chinese government didn’t allow to spread the news. On December 31st, 2019 China alerted WHO about the cases of flu in Wuhan which has 11 million populations. On January 11, China announced its first death. On 17 January second death was reported after January 23 lockdown was declared air and rail services were suspended. On January 20 China reported third death and more than 200 cases were reported and when the virus symptoms were on the peak the number of infected persons increased. This is the complete irresponsibility of the Chinese government after it became pandemic in other countries they were busy in maintaining the economy and supplied over 200,000 respiratory masks and sanitizers.

China as a hot-spot for future pandemics

China is first on the list to have highest population. They have great amount of diversity. After the spread of COVID-19 through Bat the first thing that the world says that Chinese eat anything either it could be a cockroach or a Bat, anything that swims except submarine. Chinese believe that cutting and chopping animals alive in front of buyers enhances the nutrition and freshness of the meat but it also enhances the scope of disease transmission.

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