Are we preserving our environment?

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The food we eat, the nature we admire, the air we breathe, the groundwater we drink just because of the rich biodiversity we have. Today is a day that enforces a crucial role in our lives. Our lives came into existence because of the rich biodiversity we had from bacteria to an evolved human, biodiversity is the major factor for evolution.

So, can you say that to humans take care of biodiversity without any doubt? In the present time, more than one million species facing extinction and many animals are verge to get extinct which is called endangered animals why these animals become endangered?

Every animal has their particular habitat in which they can complete their life span but due to some human activities, they do not get the required environment thus their population decreases some endangered animals are elephants, tigers, giant panda, turtles, polar bears, penguins, blue whale, snow leopard, Bengal tigers, panthers and many more in the list.

For better understanding let consider a case study on polar bear and elephants, why they are endangered?

  The polar bear is a white hair, limply covering its thin bony frame.

Reason for endangered – Global Warming

Due to raised human violent activities temperature of the earth is increasing every year due to pollution, lack of fresh air, CFC’s (the harmful gases released from the refrigerator) this causes the depletion of the ozone layer and UV rays easily enters the earth atmosphere and temperature increases due to these toxic activities the glaciers are melting and polar bear requires the very low temperature to survive.

Elephants require more space and more food for living and humans have discarded many forests due to this elephant’s survival become difficult also in their life span their reproductive rate is very low as the gestation period is 18 months. Lack of groundwater in NCR and destruction of Aravali hills (The oldest hills ever existed in India)

There are many regions in India such as villages of UP the level of groundwater is just 5 feet imaging it’s a height of humans but if we talk about NCR the level of groundwater is 1000-1200 feet and if we talk about biodiversity Haryana only include 1% of biodiversity.

The Aravali hills are the ancient hill in the history of India. it is distributed in states – Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, Gujrat. Their age varies from 2-3 billion years old during the existence of dinosaurs the largest mammal very existed they were not able to destruct the Aravalli hills but when humans came into existence it only took 50 years to distruct the hills and converted it into as per their needs.

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