Today’s world has become very prevalent in the lines of violence and bloodshed at every corner. With rising crimes, the need for advanced ballistic protection products has become mandatory. It is important to invest in high-quality body armours and ballistic protection armours that can protect you from any possible threats and unwanted terror along your way.

As far as the body armours are concerned, several options exist in the market that will suit your requirements and necessities. There are several points to consider before buying these ballistic body armours from the ballistic vest manufacturers.

What makes them essential anyway? Are the bulletproof vests also stab-proof? Well, you can find your answers in this blog post.

Police officers must wear bulletproof vests in their line of duty. But what if the threats are from knives and sharp-edged blades? Body armours cover everything from bulletproof vests to tactical ballistic helmets. Ballistic body armours and stab proof vests are capable of dealing with dangerous knife threats and spikes.

Although both of them come under the category of body armour, the type to be purchased depends on your necessities and requirements. Let us walk you through the details.



Ballistic protection armour offering bulletproof protection from different gun threats is recommended to people where gun crimes are high. These kinds of bulletproof vests are designed to resist bullets depending on the level of the armour categories, which are soft body armours and hard body armours. The level of protection intended is as per the ammunition and ability of the armour to trap bullets.

The ballistic armours that protect common firearms are classified as soft body armours. They consist of soft materials like Kevlar, which is strong enough to slow the bullet down and trap them, causing them to stop penetrating further.

Meanwhile higher ballistic armours are designed to offer protection from more increased velocity threats like from sub-rifles and machine guns. These levels of body armours are rigid and stable because they are made up of materials like titanium, steel and ceramic. These materials are incorporated into plate carriers and body armour vests.


Stab proof vests and spike proof vests are interchangeable terms and ultimately parts of body armours which save individuals from knives and different threats from blades. Many people may not be aware, but knives attacks are the most commonly occurring and rising criminal activity globally.

Not everybody owns a gun loaded with bullets, but spiky objects like ice picks, needles, long nails and other harmful sharp objects are handy enough to be used and attacked with. The fact is that these materials are much easier to find, and people are comparatively more vulnerable to knife-related attacks. A spike proof vest is made out of Kevlar and possibly materials like chainmail under the plastic laminate that helps in absorbing knife attacks and other blade attacks.

If you think you require bulletproof vests as body armour protection from different threats, then choose the one which suits your particular needs. It is a misconception that bulletproof vests can help save you from tactical knife attacks, but many people are not aware that bulletproof vests that protect from extreme ballistic threats cannot protect against knife threats, which require proper stab or spike protection vests.


Spike and stab protection vests are available in many varieties and sizes with properly fitted styles for both the male and female body. Most stab and spike protection vests offer a level of ballistic protection like the bulletproof protection vests. Still, they have different material like chainmail which slows down attacks from knives and axes. It limits penetration through the tough ceramic exterior on its outer covering.

There is less to no chances of surviving knife attacks through bulletproof vests. Though it can save you from light stabs and low-intensity knife attacks, dealing with more powerful knife attacks cannot be considered. Kevlar and other materials are incredibly strong, but they cannot sustain high-end knife attacks.

Stabs and spike protective vests are designed in both overt and covert styles just like any other bulletproof vests. They have their advantages and disadvantages as per the situation; the materials used in both types of body armour are very comfortable and lightweight.

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